In 2010, Genea was voted best emerging artist by San Francisco Bay Guardian readers.  She has been showing artwork since 2005.  She has shown in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Richmond, Virginia, and Milan, Italy. 

Genea Barnes has always been compelled by reality and imagination. Wanting to see what is really there, underneath the masks. But appreciating the masks, the show, and the deceit that our perceptions carry.  The unique way in which she sees through masks allows her to see the world in a way that is uniquely her own.

Genea started out trying to show the world how she “saw.”  She has used lighting techniques, and alternative processes in an effort to achieve this goal; there was always something missing.  She was never able to make her photographs reflect exactly what was going on inside of her. 

Most known for her surreal nudes and dramatic portraits, Genea’s work has taken a turn.  In recent years, she has been enormously inspired by painters.  One might even say envious of them, and their ability to put onto canvas what it is they see and feel.  One might describe Genea’s new work as “painting with photographs.”  Through the use of photoshop, she has finally found a way to create the vision within her.  Genea currently works and resides in San Francisco, California.