Monday, September 21, 2009

Evolved Perspective goes to the desert

So I brought this monster to the desert and built it all over again.  I think it looked pretty good.  Now it is all dusty in storage and I have to figure out what to do with it.  If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Building of evolved perspective-phase nine

Monday has arrived, August 16th.  I didn’t have to work a double yesterday, and it is so good.  I have so much stuff to get done.  Besides finishing the box, I need to cook a turkey dinner and vacuum seal it. 


I really don’t know if I think I am super woman or what, but I never can get what I want done in a day.  Today I cut the moulding , which was way harder than I thought.  It would have been easier, if my box had turned out to be perfectly square.  Once the moulding was cut I painted all the pieces that I still had to attach.  I feel like I spent the day waiting for paint to dry.  But I had plenty of stuff to do to keep myself busy between coats. 


I made polenta lasagne, cornbread, green bean casserole, stir fry vegetables, stuffing, candied yams, and I got the turkey ready for cooking. 


It is now 1am and I have painted the last coat of the pieces, off to shower and sleep….for a minute.


My alarm goes off at 4:30am I get up and put the turkey in the oven and paint one last thing that I forgot.  I was going to go back to sleep until 7, but I just couldn’t.  I started to attach all the pieces and of course I ran into may obstacles.  By 8:30am I am tired again, so I take a nap until 10:00am. 


The turkey comes out of the oven at 10:30am, and I run to builder’s emporium for some last minute things.  Heather and I need to do a bunch of shopping to prepare for burning man, so I pick her up and we go to:  Costco, trader joes, sport authority, target, bev mo, haigh street, then I take her to work and come home to finish my project.

Once home, I am too exhausted to do anything, so I nap until 7pm.  

I get up and get to work, and guess what???  This monster is finally done!!!!  I really can't believe that I thought I could crank this thing out in 2 days.  Thank god I didn't leave it till the very last minute.  Tomorrow we take is apart, and Monday I leave with my monster in tow to Burning Man.  

I want to thank everyone that has helped and supported me through this project.  Lot's of blood and sweat went into this project, surprisingly no tears.  I am really surprised at myself for not freaking out at any point, especially with people not being able to help on certain days, and everything taking five times as long as anticipated.  This is the first thing I have done in a very, very long time that I actually needed help with.  Those of you that know me, know that it is hard for me to ask for help.  

All in all I am pretty stoked about this project.  It is the first thing I have ever built, so even though it is imperfect, I feel pretty satisfied and definitely relieved that it its done.!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Building of evolved perspective-phase eight

On Friday, August 14th, I was able to get into the shop and pick up the scraps of plywood that I needed to cut the last of the wood to finish this project.  

Saturday comes and I really hope I can get all the wood  cut and maybe start painting.  

I really am ambitious.  I don't really understand how something should take an hour in my head, but takes four in reality.  It probably doesn't help that I have never used a saw (I just learned how to use a chop saw, but this is a hand held saw--I don't know what that is called). I think I did an okay job.  But I only got the plywood cut, and didn't even come close to getting the moulding cut before I had to go to work.  These photos are of where the box is at this point.

building of evolved perspective-phase seven

Tuesay August 11, 2009 is the day of painting.  I taped up the pictures, then Heather and I primed and painted.  I did the last coat in the evening before work.  Even the painting took way longer than I had anticipated.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Building of evolved perspective-phase six

Today's theme:  ERECTION      

Heather provided this link for todays theme:

Long Day!! I took care of some errands earlier today, then started building about 2pm. I finished the framing and mounted some plywood.   It is now 1am and I am almost finished with what I need to finish.  I finished the framing and the boys showed up around 5pm.  Mike found Nick along the way and brought him to help.  Rick also made a surprise visit.  I am so glad I had stevo's drill (that's why rick came by--to get that, but he said he would help too--I really lucked out!!!)  Today was the first day that we got everything done that I wanted to get done.  Miracles do happen!  Rick kicked some serious ass!!  The rest of the boys managed to help us get this thing erected and they managed to have fun with the bottle of jim beam :)  It is probably a good thing we stopped when we did....I don't know how safe it would have been to have too many drunky monkeys with power tools.  Anyway, I am very happy at where things stand today.  Tomorrow, Heather and I will paint this monster.  

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Building of evolved perspective-phase five

I got up early, to get a couple more 2x4's, and because people were going to come at 1pm to help. Well, nobody showed up to help me.  It was so so sad.  Okay not really, I still managed to get a fair amount of stuff done.  I fixed the frames that were not square.  After 2 1/2 hours of screwing with one of them, I figured I needed to trim a bit off a couple of the 2x4's.  The saw that Matt left me didn't seem to work.  Either that or I am completely retarded.....which is entirely possible.  So I ran over to Action Rentals and rented a chop saw.  I finished all the frames and they are all square.  Thank God!!!  Tomorrow I will mount the rest of the plywood and start piecing this monster together.  In the evening, some folks are supposed to come through to help out.  Now I have to get ready for work. :(

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Building of evolved perspective-phase four

Phase four happens on Wednesday, August 5th.  It is a full moon.  And here I thought I would be able to build this thing in two days.  Everyone that was going to help today was at least an hour and a half late.....I am beginning to wonder why I haven't freaked out yet.  Who knew building a square box would be so hard.  And of course my building plans were perfect.....haha.  Eventually everyone showed up.  Mike helped me lug the metal sheets up 45 stairs again.  He is such a trooper.  Like a pack mule but way better.  After bringing up the metal with me he carried up all the plywood.  The man is a rock star.  One by one my helpers showed up and we made a fair amount of progress....but man there is still so much to do.  Wish me luck, I really need to finish this thing by Wednesday at the latest.  Thanks so much Stevo, Zueks, Matt, and the film and camera crew Dave and Christine!!!!