Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Building of evolved perspective-phase six

Today's theme:  ERECTION      

Heather provided this link for todays theme:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzk0vdxTfas

Long Day!! I took care of some errands earlier today, then started building about 2pm. I finished the framing and mounted some plywood.   It is now 1am and I am almost finished with what I need to finish.  I finished the framing and the boys showed up around 5pm.  Mike found Nick along the way and brought him to help.  Rick also made a surprise visit.  I am so glad I had stevo's drill (that's why rick came by--to get that, but he said he would help too--I really lucked out!!!)  Today was the first day that we got everything done that I wanted to get done.  Miracles do happen!  Rick kicked some serious ass!!  The rest of the boys managed to help us get this thing erected and they managed to have fun with the bottle of jim beam :)  It is probably a good thing we stopped when we did....I don't know how safe it would have been to have too many drunky monkeys with power tools.  Anyway, I am very happy at where things stand today.  Tomorrow, Heather and I will paint this monster.  

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